What is Equine-Assisted Life Coaching?

Equine assisted life coaching is a subset of equine-assisted therapy which encompasses a range of activities that involve horses and other equines to promote human physical and mental health.

Equine-assisted life coaching is the practice of using horses for emotional growth and the development of life skills. Clients engaging an equine-assisted life coach use feelings, behaviors, and patterns to better understand the horse and themselves. Much of equine-assisted life coaching is achieved through non-mounted activities like grooming and walking the horse, coupled with observation and non-verbal communication skills. Horses, like many other animals, communicate non-verbally. They use body language, and often mirror the emotions and behaviors of the clients who are with them. Equine-assisted life coaching can be highly effective in building confidence, improving communication skills, and enabling clients to gain personal insights into their behavior patterns.

Equine-assisted life coaching is a powerful opportunity to promote self-awareness and personal transformation in the lives of clients through partnerships with horses.

Equine-assisted life coaching is for anyone seeking growth, support, and a positive, powerful change. If you want a better life, it starts with a shift in thinking. Partnering with a coach can facilitate that shift, resulting in positive changes in your mental clarity, mindset, and state of mind. A coach has no agenda except to help you get the results you want and support you as you connect and listen to your inner voice.

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