A Horse’s Tale

My name is Rey Skywalker, registered name Be With Me, and I am an Appaloosa horse.

Horse looking over fence at sign

My life hasn’t always been easy. I was born on a farm in Texas, and when I was a yearling, still a baby, I was sent to auction. I was the last one left in the pen, nobody wanted to buy me – what was my fate to be?

Luckily I was rescued and shipped up to Massachusetts, where I went to live with a mustang named Be My Wynona. Wynona showed me how to be a horse. She didn’t put up with any of my baby nonsense, and she taught me manners and boundaries. Wynona did her job well; she was the best teacher. I was growing up, and it was time for me to find my forever home. One day, by pure luck, my forever human walked into my life and I chose her.

Now I live on a farm in an enchanted forest. There is a sense of calm and peacefulness here that is so soothing. You can just feel your troubles melt away. It is here that I help people move forward in their lives and move forward through their barriers. With my forever human, we work together as a team, coaching you to reach for your dreams.