What happens in an Equine-Assisted Life Coaching session?

No two sessions are alike, and each session is guided by the individual needs of the client and what they wish to accomplish.

A typical, 60-minute session could look like this:

  • At the beginning of the session we talk about the goals you want to achieve in the coming week and address challenges or concerns you may have faced since our last meeting.
  • Then, we may practice a few minutes of meditation or mindfulness to center ourselves and begin the process of getting in touch with your unconscious, intuitive side.
  • You then meet your equine partner and groom the horse to bond, while tuning in to your non-verbal communication skills and learning to be in a calm space.
  • You will then go through a series of guided exercises with your equine partner, designed to help you work toward the goals you have set for this session.
  • We will talk about what these guided exercise showed you and will then, together, create a simple action plan for the next week.

Some of the things you may want to discuss and explore in an equine assisted life coaching session:

  • What are the simple ways horses can teach us to naturally reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Why I self-sabotage and how I can overcome this type of subconscious response.
  • I’m stuck in my life. I don’t know what to do and need help moving forward.
  • How I can flip the script on fear and achieve confidence in myself?
  • How my current beliefs and behaviors that are not working for me actually interfere with other parts of my life and how I can change that.
  • How I can I use what I learn from horses to introduce structure and accountability into my daily life.
  • How can horses help me set boundaries in my life and hold firm to them?