About Anna Murfin

Anna Murfin is an artist, a teacher, an educator, and an inspirator who has been teaching art and creativity classes for upwards of ten years. Her favorite part of this, as she will tell you, is when students experience “the aaaaaaah-haaaaaa moment, the light bulb moment, the moment when all the pieces come together and you see the big picture.” In her words, “I love it when a student who previously didn’t believe in themself bursts out of their self-imposed box to soar with confidence, unable to believe who they have just become.”

Expanding on her teaching skills, Anna uses life coaching to create those special moments of awareness and understanding for clients, applying them not just to a client’s base skill set, but to their entire life experience. Equine-assisted life coaching allows her to do this in a setting without distractions, where she can help you create and implement your own, personal plan for growth.

Anna has an extensive background with horses, starting from when she was only seven years old. She says, “Horses have always been there for me, listening to me, teaching me, and always accepting me as I am.” Horses mirror how we respond and react when we are around them, and can reflect back a new awareness of ourselves and our mindset. Choosing to integrating equines along with positive life coaching allows Anna to assist clients in examining their lives, using the horse as a tool for reflection, and making choices that focus on creating a positive future. She wants to help people connect – with horses, with themselves, and with their own aaaaaah-haaaaa moments.

To meet Anna’s equine life coaching partner, please read A Horse’s Tale.

p.s. I am also an artist who paints, draws, and works in clay. Please have a look at my sister site, FreedomArtcoaching.com, to find out more about my creative side.